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Balancing life is definitely a daily task. I'm a stay at home mommy to three kids, we home school all three, and I work part time at night. It can be a challenge to decide what is important, what can wait, and what just won't get done. It's good to slow down and realize that things I thought were important have taken a back burner to other things. Being able to teach my kids and see the light in their eyes when they learn a new concept, that feeling is more important than making sure the house is spotless every second of every day. Working out of the house, even a couple of nights a week, has really helped with my mental well being. And I love that I'm able to stay home with my kids and still be able to do something for myself. My husband has helped tremendously in taking charge of the house on the nights when I'm working. It's great to have such a wonderful working relationship where our family comes first. Working together, keeping priorities in order, and remembering that family always comes first, that's really the most important part of balancing life. by Melissa, Board Host Coordinator

Every child should come into this world wanted and loved as much as our grandchildren. From the moment we were told we were going to be grandparents until this very moment, we live knowing we have been blessed with the purest form of love. The love for your grandchild is totally unconditional. You offer your love, appreciation and acceptance simply because they are your grandchildren. They love you simply because you are Grams & Pop. Rhett, Briana, Colby, Dylan and Joie, you are amazing and you make our lives complete.
by Sunny, Community Admin. & "Grams"

My children love each other, and I love them each so much.  It's amazing how much your love can increase if you let it, and in just having another child.  My children were never jealous.  I didn't expect them to be.  There was always a brief period of adjustment, where the older children would test their limits, and see if things still stood the same as before, and when they found that they were, no problem.  The older children need to understand that they are still just as important, and just as loved, and just as responsible as before.  If you try to compensate for jealousy, the child will act jealous.  You are allowing it, after all.  My kids were prepared in that they knew we would have another baby, and that Mom would be a little bit busier than before, but we still do things together and have fun just like before, and I still hug them, and still read with them and everything else.  I do have less time with seven, but I still find time to make each child know they are special and loved. That is the key."  by Tabv, Community Member responding to a question on having multiple children and jealousy among siblings.

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Karen Foli Author of, LIKE SOUND THROUGH WATER A Mother's Journey Through Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
Karen Foli Author of,
"Like Sound Through Water"
A Mother's Journey Through Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).

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